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The Kreos H 5109 went from -15°C to +20°C in less than 4 hours

The Kreos Motorhome brilliantly passes climatic chamber tests

Enjoying the journey, without having to worry about the outside temperature: the Kreos Motorhome aims to be the ideal companion at any time of year.

To confirm the effectiveness of the solutions adopted, we took the Kreos H 5109 into the climatic chamber. The result was remarkable, as the flagship of the Laika collection passed the test in less than four hours.


Kreos Motorhome H 5109: from -15°C to +20°C in less than 4 hours


The climatic chamber test followed the EN 1646-1 standard: in order to pass the test, the vehicle’s inside temperature must rise from -15°C to +20°C in less than 4 hours.

To carry out the test, the motorhome was immersed in the climatic chamber overnight, with doors and windows open, at a stable temperature of -15°C. The following morning, the motorhome was connected to the mains and the heaters were switched on, keeping the chamber at the controlled temperature. The heating system was left on until the reference probe reached a temperature of 35°C above the outside temperature.

Through the achievement of the test, the distribution of the vehicle was verified in detail: it stood out both in terms of the speed of warming up and the average temperatures recorded in the test rooms.

Kreos Motorhome insulation in detail

The excellent insulation of the Kreos Motorhome H 5109 allows a stable temperature to be maintained on board, thanks to premium materials with high thermal resistance. Specifically, the ideal temperature on board is guaranteed by the use of high-density Styrofoam XPS: a choice that focuses on comfort all year round.

The self-supporting body that connects the driver’s cab and living unit walls is made of three layers (aluminium/XPS/aluminium) with an increased thickness of 44 mm and internally carpeted, for maximum strength and insulation while travelling.

What is more, thanks to the 6 kW ALDE convection heating along the right wall and in the compartment, travellers can relax in an environment that is heated throughout. Finally, the fans in the compartment are equipped with a two-speed fan to better distribute heat in the area, further optimising performance.


Laika’s satisfaction with the test result

Achieving this result is confirmation of the building quality that characterises the Kreos Motorhome H 5109, which proves itself capable of competing with cold temperatures, allowing travellers to reach even the coldest destinations in unmistakable Laika style.

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