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San Casciano Val di Pesa, September 2020 – The latest generation of Ecovip motorhomes, launched in June 2020, counts a total of nine models all on Fiat Ducato mechanics with 120-hp turbo-diesel Common Rail engine, front-wheel drive and wider rear track. With lengths spanning from 6.59 to 7.40 metres, Ecovip motorhomes come in an array of interior layouts to satisfy the most diverse requirements, including rear twin beds, nautical double bed, crosswise double bed, L-shaped or face-to-face dinette (the latter on the “DS” models).

The new Ecovip H3109 is 6.99-metres long, easy to drive and packed with all the comforts of a high-end motorhome. This model with classic L-shaped dinette and rear twin beds is type-approved for four occupants and has four berths as standard.

Like all models in the range, the Ecovip H3109 has with polyurethane frame walls and roof and XPS extruded polystyrene foam insulation. For top-notch strength and stability, the hail-proof roof and floor are made of fibreglass and the subframe is hot-dip galvanised. The pressure water pump with expansion vessel is located in a protected, heated compartment that can be conveniently accessed from the rear garage. The electrical system is state-of-the-art with CI-BUS technology.

The Ecovip H3109 is also ideal for winter use fitting 6 kW ducted air heating with integrated boiler and digital control panel. The entire water system is protected from freezing. The drinking water and greywater recovery tanks are placed in the double floor and further protected by an insulated and heated polyurethane shell. The heated and illuminated double floor can be accessed from outside and inside and houses two easily accessible service batteries.

Entirely designed in San Casciano, the motorhome is elegant and with an automotive feel, fibreglass front panel and panoramic windscreen, daytime running lights and car-like headlights with dynamic direction indicators. The XL living pod door allows easy and practical access. Inside, the rounded curves of the furniture embellish the living space and hint to the rolling landscapes of Tuscany. There are two styles are available: the standard Moka with warm brown tones and golden shades or the lighter Pero Toscano (optional). The wood can be paired with a wide variety of fabrics. The seats can be freely matched with the cushions to customise the ambiance. Comfort is guaranteed in the living area by a single level floor for free and easy movements throughout the vehicle. The table with chrome leg can be moved in all directions to ensure the best comfort in all situations of use. For watching your favourite TV shows on the road, the TV compartment in the living area can accommodate LCD/LED screens up to 32″ in size. The wall units with generous doors have elegant chrome-plated metal ergonomic handles (a Laika exclusive) and integrated uplighting.

The pull-down bed, standard on the entire range, is fully integrated into the wall units and provided with a comfortable slatted frame, high-quality mattress, adjustable reading lights, USB ports and roof portholes. In the sleeping area, the day/night separating door secures total privacy and the twin beds (197 × 82 cm / 192 × 82 cm) are remarkably comfortable. The wardrobe with hangers is designed for practical and tidy use, just like at home.

The Ecovip H3109 motorhome has been fully refreshed in terms of technology and interior and exterior design, perfectly embodying the trademark values of high quality, cool design and attention to detail that characterise the brand.


  • Mechanics: Fiat Ducato 35 Light (43 Heavy version available as optional)
  • Length: 6.99 m
  • Type-approved for four occupants with four berths as standard
  • Rear twin beds, dimensions 197 × 82 cm / 192 × 82 cm
  • Standard pull-down bed, dimensions 190 × 145 cm
  • Heated and lit double floor, accessible from outside and inside the vehicle
  • Heating system with 6 kW ducted hot air heating system, integrated boiler and digital control panel (oil heating available as optional)
  • Automotive-inspired monoblock fibreglass front panel with panoramic windscreen
  • Car-like headlights with dynamic direction indicators
  • XL living pod door
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