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The Kosmo range is thoroughly revisited in a modern key

The new generation of Kosmo: "Born to be a Laika"

Kosmo Exterior

Two construction types, one soul

The new Kosmo generation is offered in two construction types: the Kosmo L low-profiles (L 319, L 409, L 412 DS) available both with and without a front electric folding bed, and the Kosmo H motorhomes (H 1319, H 1409) for a total of five different models.

The Kosmo L low-profiles are based on the mechanical frame of the Fiat Ducato 35 Light with a lowered Camping-Car Special chassis. The layout is identical to the Kosmo H motorhomes, which are built on a conversion cowl base: only chassis without body, compartment and flatbed. For all, the basic power unit is the 2.2 MultiJet III with 140 hp and manual transmission.

The naming of the vehicles also changes, conforming to the classification already in use for Ecovip and Kreos: the low-profiles take on the name “Kosmo L”, the motorhomes “Kosmo H”.

A declaration of belonging, that of Kosmo, that cannot go unnoticed.

The product identification logic remains the same, the same concept as the other Laika series.

New concept, new targets

The new Kosmo generation is the result of a collaboration between Laika and GFG Style, a company founded by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, world-renowned leaders in the field of automotive design.

A partnership in the name of Italian style and design, which has given the new Kosmo an elegant and distinctive, harmonious and immediately recognisable exterior appearance, while furnishing the interiors with high-quality materials. Colour contrasts amplify the feeling of space and personality in each room.

The new shapes of the Kosmo feature appealing exteriors.

The roof scoop of the Kosmo, made of fibreglass single-block, joins the driver’s cab and living unit in an integrated manner, drawing fluid shapes that make the panoramic Skyview stand out.

The rear gives due prominence to the Laika logo and enhances the LED lights that give the new Kosmo a somewhat powerful tone. The vehicle bursts with personality, as reflected by the shiny black and white surfaces, into which the bumpers and spoiler are finely fitted.

The two-tone black/white colour scheme is echoed in the graphic patterns developed for Ecovip and Kreos: a signature that determines the full membership to the new-generation Laika motorhomes, which emerge with their personal, automotive and instantly recognisable style.

The decision to opt for black exterior accessories, contrasting with the white surfaces, creates a fascinating look, adorned by the grille with the Laika logo, the chrome “Kosmo” logo and the introduction of the Italian flag on the rearview mirrors.

On the outside, the Kosmo motorhome reproduces the styling of the Kreos motorhome’s honeycomb radiator grille.

Fully renewed structural components

With the introduction of the new Kosmo range, Laika now exclusively uses high-density (33 g/m³) Styrofoam XPS for the insulation of its vehicles. A choice that focuses on quality and comfort, in true Laika style.

The floor is made of 41-mm-thick plywood, which is combined with fibreglass lining, a wooden inner frame, Styrofoam XPS insulation, plywood and tapiflex interior trim.

The exterior of the 34-mm thick side walls uses stronglight aluminium, a material that offers mechanical strength, shine and lightness. Wooden frame, styrofoam XPS insulation and multilayer interior trim with Wellschwhite finish complete the structure. Structure and thickness are the same, but with a hail-resistant fibreglass outer cladding for the roof, covered and padded internally in the same technical fabric already used for Ecovip and Kreos.

The body is completed with aluminium external corners, while the new roof scoop and the front of the motorhomes are made of fibreglass single-block; bumpers, spoiler and bands, on the other hand, are made of plastic.

The Premium XL living unit door, complete with a fixed window, allows convenient entry and exit from the vehicle. Opening and closing are facilitated by the gas piston and the double safety lock with central locking (opt).

Ventilation at optimum levels, thanks to the panoramic opening maxi roof-light, integrated into the front roof scoop (opt), and the ultra-flat windows with aluminium frame. Access doors to the gas compartments and rear garage complete the Kosmo structure, all available with double safety locks.

A deep redesign work, for a range that evolves but manages to retain its well-defined soul.

A modern and refined interior look

The interior of the new Kosmo generation, designed by GFG Style, represents a unique, modern, fascinating and contemporary setting. A place where you can relax and dream of new destinations.

The shades on board intertwine in a sinuous dance. The floor plays on the contrast between the natural warmth of the wooden setting, used for the entrance area and the steps leading to the rear beds, while the footboards separating the spaces make good use of the modern stone colouring. A combination that warmly welcomes you on board, making you feel at home.

The furniture, in “Forest Green & Stone Grey” wood, alternates different colours, differentiated and combined according to the type of element. An interplay of juxtapositions, designed to form the ideal palette on board: Matt grey, Oxyde Glimmer stone, Commodore green and Magnolita glossy white contribute to a distinctive atmosphere.

Also added to the new Kosmo is the Fenix worktop in green essence.
Already featured on Ecovip, the Fenix worktop stands out for its special characteristics: in addition to its anti-fingerprint properties, it has low light reflection, softness to the touch and heat repairability of surface scratches.

The weaving of colours and materials is combined with the pleasant upholstery of the roof, made of washable technical fabric, the upholstery of the driver’s cab walls (on Kosmo motorhome) and the bedroom in eco-leather (opt).

The modern, ergonomic shapes of the new Kosmo range feature striking elements such as spacious wall cabinets and open surfaces, combining maximum stowage capacity on board with a familiar, comfortable look.

The details make all the difference on the new Kosmo: from the control panel in the entrance area the onboard autonomy levels can be monitored and the different systems can be operated, while from the 22″ or 32″ TV (to which the corresponding decoder can be connected) you can be surrounded by a cinema-like atmosphere.

Systems and heating

The control panel of the system, as mentioned, is fitted in the entrance area. For example, from here you can control the vehicle LED lighting, echoing the diffuse lighting concept introduced with the Kreos. Multi-level light sources line the entire compartment; combined with integrated ceiling and under-wall unit elements they create a pleasant and relaxed setting. There are, of course, USB sockets (12 and 220 V), garage lighting and exterior LED light.

The electrical system has a transformer/battery charger and 95 Ah AGM service battery housed inside the seat bases in the driver’s cab.

As standard, every new Kosmo offers the Truma Combi 6, 6 kW heater/boiler, combined with the CP-Plus digital control panel. As an option, upgrades are available: Truma Combi 6E –

Truma Combi Diesel – Truma Combi Diesel E.

The drinking water tank has a capacity of 110 litres, it is located inside and is equipped with an immersion pump. The 90-litre recovery tank is installed in the underbody: it is complete with a heater and insulation (Pack PKS and Pack PHK) and an opening/closing valve with safety control. The drain system is complete with odour traps, while the cassette toilet offers a removable 18-litre tank and swivel bowl.

The revamping of the Kosmo fully positions it among the new generation of Laika motorhomes, following the revamping first of the Kreos and then of the Ecovip.

A modern and fascinating concept from which to chart new courses.

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