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The fibreglass single-block front is the highlight of the H 5109

New Kreos motorhome: an icon of style, design and comfort

Two years of research and a very precise mission: to redefine the concept of the luxury motorhome, combining Italian style with cutting-edge technology.

Automotive design, developed from GFG Style concepts

As the result of the collaboration between Laika and GFG Style, the new Kreos motorhome further develops the automotive styling that distinguishes the L 5009 low-profile Kreos by designing a complete, unique and iconic body. The fibreglass single-block front recalls the excellence of important made-in-Italy one-off models and offers an immediately perceptible stylistic impression.

Full-LED lights (with direction indicators and a DRL system) and optimised aerodynamic flows (which streamline the vehicle so that it offers minimal air resistance) are just a few of the features that characterise the automotive heart of the new Kreos motorhome.


The front of the Kreos H 5109 catches the eye at first glance: made of a fibreglass single-block, it grafts onto the self-supporting, multilayer aluminium/XPS/aluminium body.

The large, panoramic windscreen is designed to offer maximum visibility on board and is equipped with specially designed windscreen wipers.

What is more, the view on board is ensured by the reduced size of the A posts, resulting in fewer blind spots and greater driving safety. The panoramic windscreen offers an ideal view, enhanced by the double-glazed side windows and the possibility of individually adjusting the two lenses of the new power rear-view mirrors.

Stylish, state-of-the-art driver’s cab

The driver’s cab has also been revamped with an attractive and ergonomic look: the dashboard overlay, driver’s door interior trim and side cabinet are now made of soft-touch plastic, embellished with faux-leather elements with visible stitching.

Always connected on board, thanks to the two tablet holders in the cab that offer the possibility of supporting mobile devices during the journey. They can be charged thanks to the two dedicated USB power sockets.

The new wider driver’s door makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle, comes with a storage compartment and bottle holders (also present next to the passenger door), and is equipped with a power window and remote-controlled central locking, offering all the necessary comforts to feel comfortable at all times during the journey.

Pleated blinds in technical fabric with a magnetic catch system ensure maximum privacy on board, along with the pleated blind in the windscreen area.

The pleated blind is electrically operated, and has a threefold possibility of use:

  • Normal fully closing blind for windscreen (sliding from top to bottom or vice versa)
  • Privacy system (sliding from bottom to top and stopping at desired height)
  • Sunshade while in motion (top-down sliding with safety stop)

The blind can be managed using a control panel placed next to the driver’s door; the same control adjusts the power windows and returns the power entry step.

Ideal insulation and heater on board the H 5109

Enjoy your journey without worrying about the outside temperature: Kreos motorhome is your ideal companion at any time of the year.

The self-supporting body that connects the driver’s cab and living unit walls is made of three layers (aluminium/XPS/aluminium) with an increased thickness of 44 mm and is internally carpeted, for maximum strength and insulation. There is also an additional insulation panel in the area above the windscreen.

Thermal insulation is combined with acoustic insulation for a quiet and relaxing journey: the multilayer aluminium/EPS/aluminium panel separating the engine bay and passenger compartment aims to significantly reduce onboard noise. Instrumental tests with a sound level meter showed a significant reduction in engine noise, which is also lower than the values measured in a normal chassis-cab model.

The temperature you prefer, all year round.

With the Alde heater system with heat transfers along the right wall and in the passenger compartment, you can relax in an environment that is heated throughout. The fans in the passenger compartment are also equipped with a two-speed blower to further optimise performance.

Extra bed, extra comfort

On the Kreos motorhome, the drop-down bed delivers the same comfort as a real bedroom. Fully integrated into the ceiling, the electrically operated drop-down bed has a sleeping area of 195×140 cm. Relax sleep is guaranteed, thanks to the elastic-supported Froli bed base and foam mattress that promise peaceful dreams.

As the result of months of planning, the drop-down bed of the new Kreos has been designed outside traditional standards, aiming to create a true open-plan bedroom capable of replicating and offering the same comfort as the rear twin beds.

The room of the drop-down bed is completed by two upholstered headboards with attached storage space, as well as classic adjustable LED spots with USB sockets for powering and charging mobile devices.

The iconic layout of the Kreos range

The interior layout retains the iconic base of the low-profile L 5009 Kreos.

In the living area, it only takes a glance to notice the elegant Corian table, the 147 cm L-shaped left sofa and the 117 cm right-side sofa. The kitchen is equipped with all conveniences, including a gas oven, 153 l maxi refrigerator with AES system, three-burner hob and double sink with multifunctional sink cover. In addition to this, there is the option (among others) of integrating a dishwasher and Corian coffee machine holder as optional extras, so that you can feel at home on board every day.

There is also room on board for a wellness shower with a double showerhead and a sophisticated design.

Thanks to an in-depth study of space, the bathroom area can be converted into a single room distinct from the rest of the vehicle. In the bathroom, too, the details are elegantly finished, with the Corian vanity top and an interplay of mirrors along the wall, concealing spacious wall units inside. Comfort and space organisation combined in Laika style.

At the turn of the day, for your well-deserved rest, you will find the two large rear twin beds (195×80 cm) waiting for you, which can be comfortably converted into a large double bed for even more peaceful sleep. Equipped with an adjustable headboard and spring suspension system, the beds in the Kreos will provide you with all the comfort and relaxation you need before you wake up and set off on a new day’s journey.

The new Kreos motorhome is the result of a thoroughly thought-out design that reveals an automotive soul but differentiates from it.

A new way of travelling, where the best of design meets cutting-edge technology.

A statement that redefines the concept of the luxury motorhome.

In true Laika style.

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