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These are the best dishes you can taste when in Tuscany.

Dolce Vita at the table.

Dolce Vita a tavola

La cucina toscana è una tra le più ricche e varie d’Italia. Ingredienti genuini e ricette tradizionali spesso tramandate da secoli, costituiscono una cucina inimitabile in grado di soddisfare anche i palati più esigenti. Laika vi porta alla scoperta dei piatti tradizionali toscani, in un viaggio attraverso i sapori di questa bellissima regione, all’insegna della Dolce Vita.

Ribollita (Tuscan soup)

Ribollita was originally a farmers’ dish made up of stale bread and vegetables. Its name, meaning ‘reboiled’, comes from the fact that people used to prepare a large quantity and then reheat it over several days. A typical winter dish, its main ingredients are black cabbage, Savoy cabbage, beans and potatoes.


Pappa al pomodoro (Tuscan tomato soup)

The beauty of this traditional recipe lies in its simplicity. Stale Tuscan bread is combined with a tomato sauce comprising garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan of course! This dish is typical of the Senese area and can be enjoyed hot in winter or warm in summer.


Cacciucco (fish stew)

Fish lovers should not miss a good plate of cacciucco. This traditional soup from Livorno combines many types of fish such as molluscs, crustaceans, squid and octopus with a tomato sauce. It is irresistible with a slice of toasted bread!


Pici all’aglione (garlic pici pasta)

This dish, typical of Siena, is created using pici, a traditional pasta that looks like very thick spaghetti, and a tomato-based sauce flavoured with garlic. The garlic is a specific type from Valdichiana, large in size but delicate in flavour. The result is a dish with a very particular flavour, ideal with a good glass of red wine!


Florentine steak

Florentine steak is a real classic for meat-lovers, but how does it differ from a normal steak? Firstly, to be considered “Florentine”, the steak must be a classic T-bone from the Chianina breed, it must weigh at least 800 grams and be 4 centimetres thick. If you have chance to taste one, don’t make the mistake of asking for it to be “well-done”!

Photo by amirali mirhashemian

Cantucci biscuits and Vin Santo

Wherever you eat in Tuscany, you will be offered cantucci biscuits and Vin Santo at the end of the meal. Cantucci are biscuits made with traditional Prato almonds, which are served with a glass of Vin Santo, the typical Tuscan dessert wine. A great way to finish an authentic Tuscan meal!


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