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Made in San Casciano

In Tuscany, beauty gently flows over the landscape. But it is also deeply anchored in the centuries-old tradition of handicraft. It was not so long ago that silk, wrought iron and ceramics were processed here. Today, ultra-modern homes on wheels are created.

The passion for beauty and traditional craftsmanship have always produced works of art of great value in Tuscany. The trade technology used by Laika also comes from a centuries-old tradition of original Tuscan handicraft. The roots of genuine craftsmanship which has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries are planted in every corner of Tuscany: Wrought iron, ceramics, wool, lace and silk, as well as wood and leather processing are just a few of the treasures this region has to offer. Tuscan carpentry goes back to the 14th century: the production of wine barrels, the carpentry of furniture or the making of violins, all sectors have perfected their craft over the years and decades, making Tuscany a real centre of excellence for wood processing and furniture production. Florence became the measure of all things in Europe when it came to woodworking, particularly during the Renaissance.

Founded in 1964, Laika has produced all motorhomes in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy, without exception, from day one.

A real Laika.

Passion and precision
distinguish a real Laika
from an ordinary motorhome.

Furniture makers who concentrated on the processing of high-quality materials in particular, such as ebony, walnut and olive roots, became true masters in the production of prestige furniture. This unique tradition has been preserved for centuries and has been passed down from one generation to the next. In San Casciano in Val di Pesa, there is still the opportunity to visit traditional, family-run workshops and to experience the original Tuscan art of woodworking up close. Even modern, Tuscan manufacturers rely on the years of experience and tradition of their ancestors in the production of innovative and functional furniture. A motorhome is a moving home. This makes the composition and assembly of the furniture all the more important. It has to withstand vibrations and driving movements and yet still have a high degree of flexibility in the event of temperature fluctuations or shocks. To meet the demands for stability and flexibility in equal measure, Laika has developed a special furniture assembly system that ensures carefree travel. Laika motorhomes are manufactured with the same care with which a carpenter builds their furniture and with the same passion for detail. This passion and precision distinguish a real Laika from an ordinary motorhome.

Every Laika is a piece of Italy.

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The journey begins here, and with it, the experiences. From San Casciano out into the whole world.

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