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Our origins

How the dog learned to fly.

There was something in the air. A feeling of the future and change. When Laika was founded, everything seemed possible. And still every journey, large or small, every new destination, is a reach for the stars.

The history of Laika began 58 years ago, in the early years of space exploration when technology, experimentation and future visions were in everyone’s minds. The endless ways in which technological innovations can influence everyday life inspired Giovambattista Moscardini to found the Laika brand. The name Laika and the logo, the greyhound, come from the first dog that was shot into space. Future visions, innovations and new travel ideas: this was exactly what drove Giovambattista Moscardini when producing the first caravan in 1964. Moscardini called his first caravan, innovative and in a futuristic style, ‘Laika 500’. The special thing about it: the upper part of the caravan could be lowered while driving due to a telescopic mechanism. This ensured better aerodynamics and greater driving comfort, which meant that the Laika 500 could even be towed by a Fiat 500. 

The development

From a vision
to an international icon.

This was followed by many more models, the first factory opening in 1974 and the transition to industrial production. Just a few years later, the first Laika motorhome was born, the ‘Motorpolo’ series. This was the first motorhome in a long and successful line of Laika vehicles. The longest-lasting Laika range was created in 1992: the iconic Ecovip range. The elegant Kreos series was launched in 1999 and perfectly complemented the product portfolio.

As little as a year later, Laika was taken over by the German Erwin Hymer Group. The first wheels were set in motion and some time later, Laika was ready for the next big step: moving to the new plant in San Casciano in Val di Pesa. The Kosmo series was developed in one of the most modern production facilities in the industry and launched on the market in 2018.

The Laika brand and its vehicles follow a long tradition of innovation, research, design and an incomparable passion for motorhomes.

The early years

Laika Laserhome
Mid/late ‘80s

Laika Caravan Yo Yo
End of the ‘70s

Laika Laserhome and Laika Lasercar
Mid/late ‘80s

Laika Motorpolo

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The journey begins here, and with it, the experiences. From San Casciano out into the whole world.

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