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Laika announces partnership with Sky Italia for “Sky 20 anni” event


  • Laika announces its technical partnership with “Sky 20 anni”
  • The event will take place in Milan, at the Palazzo Reale, on 14 and 15 June 2023
  • The event includes a mix of information, insights and shows


Laika Caravans announces collaboration with “Sky 20 anni”, an event organised by Sky TG24 in Milan, of which Laika is one of the main partners.

“Sky 20 anni” is an event organised by Sky TG24, the all-news channel that brings information, in-depth reports and entertainment to Italy’s main squares.

For two days, the Lombard capital will host the Sky television studios, hosting a series of events designed to create an opportunity for dialogue, commentary and debate with national and international guests, protagonists from the worlds of politics, economics, science, culture, entertainment and sport.


Two days of events at the Palazzo Reale

The event coincides with the 20th anniversary of Sky Italia, which will propose a varied and multiform format, in the magnificent location of Palazzo Reale. In addition to Sky TG24 news,  Sky Sport, Sky Cinema and other media connected to them will be protagonists as well.

The broadcast will take place in the evocative Sala delle Cariatidi of the Palazzo Reale, an ideal framework to make the most of an event focusing on Milan and Italy.

Inside the courtyard of Piazzetta Reale will be our Ecovip Motorhome H 2109, granted to Sky TG24 for the duration of the event.


The words of Anna Maria Fusi, Head of Marketing & Communication at Laika

“We are pleased to be present at Sky 20 anni alongside a media company that has had such a concrete impact on custom and public debate in Italy over the past two decades. What convinced us to embark on this partnership was the commonality of purpose: we both aim to innovate and experiment with new technologies and new languages, with an eye to the future”.

The event will cover several topics, including sustainability and transport, which tie in well with the concept of motorhome travel.

Anna Maria Fusi continues: “The motorhome holiday represents a more relaxed way of travelling, through which you can dwell on the beauty of the landscapes and get in direct contact with nature. As a study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg shows, travelling in a motorhome significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to a car-hotel package holiday.[1] A motorhome holiday also creates the conditions for discovering places and cultures from a different, much more engaging and exciting perspective”.



Among the guests invited are the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo, Paolo Banchero, NBA basketball star, Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli, starred chefs and judges of MasterChef Italia, Margherita Cassano, President of the Highest Court of Appeal, the Gialappa’s Band with Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci, Matteo Garrone, film director, Sofia Goggia, Olympic skiing champion, Carlo Lucarelli, writer and TV presenter, Giovanni Malagò, President of the Italian Olympic Games Committee, Matteo Piantedosi, Minister of the Interior, Elly Schlein, Secretary of the Italian Democratic Party, Silvana Sciarra, President of the Constitutional Court, Sara Simeoni, Olympic high jump champion in Moscow 1980, Stefano Sollima, film director, Giuseppe Valditara, Minister of Education and Merit, Valentina Vezzali, Olympic fencing champion and former Under-Secretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for Sport, Bebe Vio, Paralympic foil champion.


Laika is delighted to be present as a technical partner at an event of such magnitude for the country, where central themes regarding current issues will be explored, followed by the right mix of show and entertainment.



[1] F. Bergk, K. Biemann, C. Kämper, J. Kräck, W. Knörr, Klimabilanz von Reisen mit Reisemobilen und Caravans, Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg, Heidelberg 2020, https://www.ifeu.de/en/project/climate-balance-of-caravanning/

Laika partner di Sky 20 Anni
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