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Kreos Motorhome awarded at MMM Awards and German Design Award

Kreos Motorhome conquered international juries and won major awards.

The flagship of the Laika collection won at the Motorhome Awards 2024 in the “Best Luxury Motorhome” category, and received a “Special Mention” at the German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design – Automotive Parts and Accessories” category.

Two major awards recognise the quality and design of the Kreos Motorhome. Introduced in August 2023, Kreos H 5109 was developed from concepts by the Italian design studio “GFG Style”: a choice that focuses on quality and the continuation of a fruitful relationship that began in 2021 with the design of the Kreos L 5009.

Luxury, comfort and Italian design: the winning combination of the Kreos H 5109


The new Kreos Motorhome H 5109 is the jewel in the crown of the season at Laika.

Starting with the automotive-inspired fibreglass single-block front, and continuing with the iconic layout of the Kreos range: here, the elegant GetaCore surfaces (an anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant material), the spring-suspension system beds and the wellness shower contribute to creating a cosy and refined ambience, offering all the comforts of a real suite on four wheels.

Thanks to a thorough study of the space and the different rooms, you can relax in the Kreos Motorhome and dream of new travel experiences.

The awards, in detail

The Motorhome Awards, in association with Creation Personal Finance, are organised every year by the magazines “MMM”, “What Motorhome” and “Campervan”. The jury, consisting of a team of experts, awarded prizes to the projects that stood out for their originality and construction quality for the 2023/24 season.

The German Design Award is a prize of absolute international standing that has been organised by the German Design Council since 2012 and is awarded to those who present innovative projects in the field of design. This is one of the world’s most renowned design awards, where the winners are the creation and design of aesthetic and functional concepts.

The comments of Ute Hofmann, Laika Caravans CEO

“Obtaining international recognition is always a great satisfaction, which demonstrates excellent work and gives us even more enthusiasm to achieve our next goals” – says Ute Hofmann, CEO at Laika Caravans.

The awards of Kreos Motorhome H 5109 represent not only an important recognition of the quality of the company’s work, but also a confirmation of the growth of the brand’s international value.

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