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The best elements have been highlighted and developed with great care in this special Kosmo series. This has resulted in a model that is just waiting to take you on a journey into the unknown.

Our special model


What makes
Kosmo Emblema unique

If our Kosmo is the beginning of your journey, then Kosmo Emblema would be the best moment on that journey. Redefined with a warm wooden look in ‘Noce Italiano’ and full of zest for action with a powerful engine, this model is perfect for everyone who has fallen in love with the freest form of travelling.

More Dolce Vita is not possible

More Dolce Vita is not possible

Equipped as standard with 140 HP, 16 inch aluminium rims, multimedia package, heated waste water tank and other extras, the Kosmo Emblema is ready to board.

Kosmo Emblema

A second home
anywhere in the world.


All Kosmo Emblema models can be individually combined with different upholstery. Individually and according to your taste.


    • Como Series
    • Verona
    • Udine Leatherette
    • Firenze Leatherette
    • Milano Real leather

Our Kosmo Emblema models.


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