Service & Spare Parts

Each Laika customer has their own expectations and desires with regard to a new Laika vehicle: goals to be achieved, plans and dreams to be realized. To provide our customers with unforgettable travel experiences, our sales network and workshops throughout Europe are on the front lines, caring for the needs of our customers.

  • Where can I find spare parts and accessories for my vehicle?

    To order spare parts and see the list of accessories, contact an authorised Laika deal. Bring a photo of the requested part and the vehicle registration document to locate the chassis number. The dealer will be able to provide you with information about prices and delivery times, the latter varying according to current stock availability. The dealership will order the requested spare part on-line from Laika. Only Laika dealers/service centres can order and receive parts from the parent company. Here you can find an updated list of Laika dealerships/workshops.

    Here you can find an updated list of Laika dealerships/workshops.

  • Is it possible to find spare parts for vehicles that are out of production?

    Our first production of caravans dates back to the 1960's: it is not possible to retrieve components for vehicles from those years (60's/70's/80's). For vehicles manufactured in the 1990's, most original spare parts that relate to the outer bodywork and small inner parts are still available at the Laika spare parts warehouse. For vehicles manufactured starting from 2000, original or compatible spare parts - with some exceptions - are available upon request.

  • How can I get a quote for the supply of spare parts?

    You can bring your motorhome to your trusted Laika dealership or you can communicate data related to the chassis. Authorised Laika dealers can provide you with a quote for spare parts and for any machining.

  • How can I get a use and maintenance manual for my vehicle?

    Please fill in the related form on this page to request user manuals in printed or electronic format (pdf file).

  • Who can I contact for requests for works under warranty (two years from the date of first registration, as per European legislation)?

    It is absolutely necessary to contact an authorised Laika dealer, as warranty claim approval requires a preliminary inspection and evaluation by a specialised Laika workshop.

    Here you can find an updated list.

  • Who can I contact to get repair instructions and directions for assembly or installation of accessories on my vehicle?

    For safety purposes, Laika can only authorise repairs or accessory installation carried out by authorised Laika dealers/workshops. The parent company cannot provide instructions, diagrams, or drawings related to repairs or the installation of accessories to other parties. Contact any authorised Laika dealership for these types of operations.

    Here you can find an updated list.

  • I bought a used camper privately. How do I inform Laika of the transfer of ownership?

    To communicate the transfer of ownership, simply fill out the corresponding form found inside the Laika warranty booklet and send it to Laika at or via post to the address: Laika Caravans S.p.A. Customer Service Via Certaldese 41/A 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa FI.

  • How do I activate the two-year warranty on a new vehicle as per European legislation?

    The warranty has to be activated by your dealer when you pick up your new vehicle. The corresponding form - contained within the warranty booklet of which your vehicle is equipped - must be completed in full and signed (the data provided through this form as well as those provided through variation form address/owner will be treated as specified in the New european regulation - Eu GDPR 2016/679 - Personal data processing statement). The dealership must send Laika the part of the form intended for the manufacturer via post or e-mail together with the vehicle registration document. Laika will then activate the warranty within the next business day upon receipt of the voucher.

  • How do I maintain the validity of special Laika warranty for infiltrations (10 years for the vehicles produced from commercial season 2020)?

    Laika offers a ten-years warranty on living area water resistance. The warranty is valid on condition that the vehicle be subjected annually to necessary checks at the seller dealership or at any authorised Laika workshop, starting one year from the date of first registration. Annual checks are for a fee. Checks must be carried out in the period between two months before and up to two months after the date (day/month) of the first registration. Example: if the vehicle was registered for the first time on 10 September, the annual water resistance check must be carried out within the period from 10 July to 10 November of each year in which the warranty is valid.

    The warranty servicing slips comply with predetermined intervals and allow, with a minimum cost, for constant monitoring of vehicle conditions.

    1st warranty service within 12 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    2nd warranty service within 24 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    3rd warranty service within 36 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    4th warranty service within 48 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    5th warranty service within 60 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    6th warranty service within 72 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    7th warranty service within 84 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    8th warranty service within 96 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    9th warranty service within 108 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
    10th warranty service within 120 months from registration (+/- 2 months)

    Servicing carried out at workshops that are not part of the Laika service network will not be considered valid. The warranty service slip will be valid only if two stickers are affixed in the space provided inside the Laika warranty booklet. If the water resistance warranty is revoked due to failure to perform servicing or because servicing is performed outside of the provided timeframe, the warranty cannot be re-activated, even if the incomplete servicing is performed subsequently.

  • What do I do if I have a complaint?

    In the event of complaints regarding service received or assistance in general, please fill in the corresponding form on this page. Our staff will respond as soon as possible.
    Can I buy new and/or used vehicles directly from Laika?
    The sale of Laika vehicles is carried out exclusively through authorised Laika dealerships.

  • Can I buy directly from Laika new or used vehicles?

    The sale of Laika vehicles is carried out exclusively through authorized Laika dealers.