The famous Italian actor and showman Enrico Brignano, with more than 1,600,000 fans on Facebook and more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, is preparing to leave again with his Laika motorhome after this phase in which #stayathome was the most important recommendation.

First of all, explains Enrico Brignano, who is an experienced motorhome traveller, if you have neglected the motorhome in the last period, do as I do:

  • start with a nice checkup of the vehicle,
  • a nice clean outside, but especially inside, with a special cleaning; remove the old stuff that has piled up over the years and carefully bring it back to life. So, when the go-ahead to travel is given, we won't be caught unprepared, but we'll be ready to set off again; and if we can't leave our region, it will mean that we'll explore not only the famous and touristic places, but also the lesser-known ones, which are no less beautiful!
  • Let's study the best itineraries, let's revive the villages of Italy, the ancient residences, monuments, museums... let's contribute with our holidays to the economic and social recovery of all!
  • Then, in order to feel relaxed and not to make mistakes, I also downloaded all the possible apps, from those that indicate sites and areas dedicated to campers, to the list of the closest gas stations.

In short, I'm hopefully preparing myself for this summer, hoping to have a nice motorhome ride. Waiting for the new dispositions, I'm keeping my motorhome in the garden: you know what? At the worst, I'm just gonna leave it there and move in anyway. Because for me, life in my Laika motorhome means "HOLIDAY"!


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