Seven at one stroke: Kosmo Emblema

Introducing the Kosmo Emblema with seven convincing layouts based on a Fiat Ducato with 140 hp, Laika shows once more, how to convince the public with both, internal values and remarkable external attributes. The Greek origin of the word “Emblema” literally means, “What has been inserted”. During the development of the new Kosmo Emblema we were focusing on inserting the heart of our Laika-DNA into these vehicles and connect the whole range. The portfolio of the Kosmo Emblema consists of four Low-Profiles with a total length between 6.95 metres (209) and 7.41 metres (509, 509 and 512). The standard equipment of the vehicles include two berths but up to three berths can be additionally added. Besides the four Low-Profiles, the Kosmo Emblema model range consists of three motorhomes. The Emblema 909 E, 909 LE and 912 E have a total length of 7.41 metres and fascinate with four berths included in the standard equipment while one more berth can be added as an option. The standard equipment of the Kosmo Emblema model range includes anti-condensate wall for the living room and the rear bedroom, wall units with internal shelves, drawers and baskets with automatic soft-close and a wardrobe with automatic lighting. To ensure a maximum of comfort, the vehicles are all equipped with the latest generation electrical system that includes direct and indirect multilevel LED interior lighting. The interior furniture “Noce Italiano” creates a Dolce Vita atmosphere throughout the whole vehicle. The cab carpeting also guarantees maximum comfort. The bathroom has an opening window, blind and a mosquito net while the shower is completely equipped with a wooden footboard. Looking from the outside, the Kosmo Emblema convinces with an automotive exterior look, specific Laika Emblema graphics and chrome elements.


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• Model year 2021 is coming with numerous innovations and improvements • The Ecovip series presenting, amongst others, the L 3009 and three brand-new campervans • Kosmo model range: the new Emblema and three convincing campervan layouts


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