Highlights 8000

Atmosfera calda e accogliente grazie al sistema di illuminazione creato ad hoc per Laika

Choose the atmosphere you prefer

You can adjust the intensity of the light and choose the tone (not for Kreos 8002), fromthecoldest tothewarmestlight,using your remote control. Also, the lights of the living area and sleeping area can be adjusted independently,making theatmospheremore pleasant in the various areas of the motorhome

Pratici scalini di ingresso in cabina per salire e scendere dal camper con la massima facilità

Big garage

Spacious, low floor, with washable ABS lining and water drain. It has 12 V, 230 V and TV sockets, double LED lighting, fixing bars with movable rings and a clothes rail with sliding rings

Porta extra large per un comodo accesso alla cellula

Open the doors to comfort

Comfort is guaranteed by the extra-large door made from fine materials and the Laika Welcome Home system, which permits the opening of the entrance step and activation of the external and internal light by remote control

Grande garage dotato di tanti comfort

Upgraded living room

The extensive living area is designed to ensure the utmost comfort, with the floor on a single level all the way from the dashboard to the bathroom

Area giorno ampia e spaziosa per godersi le vacanze in totale relax

Cab entrance steps as standard

In the driving cab, comfort is at maximum levels, thanks to the passenger door as standard (not for Kreos 8002) and the cab entrance steps, extractable on both sides, that allow not only the driver but also their travel companions to get on and off with the greatest ease when stopped

I motorhome Kreos 8000 hanno speciali fari xenon

Pipes and fittings

The water system is domestic-style and in a frost-proof position, which all allows problem-free low-temperature travel

Waterproofing guaranteed for 10 years

Models Kreos Motorhomes 8000


  • Length [cm]799
  • Width [cm]231
  • Height [cm]306 | 311
  • Iveco 50C
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.289 (S) | 2.998 (O)

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Camper Kreos 8009: pianta zona giornoCamper Kreos 8009: pianta zona notte
  • Length [cm]829
  • Width [cm]231
  • Height [cm]311
  • Iveco 70C
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.998

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Camper Kreos 8012: pianta zona giornoCamper Kreos 8012: pianta zona notte
  • Length [cm]829
  • Width [cm]231
  • Height [cm]311
  • Iveco 70C
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.998

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