Laika is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Giro d'Italia Giovani Under 23. Having always had a close bond with the world of sports, Laika is to support the 42nd youth edition of the historic cycling race with a Kosmo Low-profile 512 and an Ecovip Low-profile 409.

The prestigious international race will take place from Thursday 13th until Sunday 23rd June 2019, spanning 10 legs across 5 Italian regions: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto. The Giro d'Italia Giovani Under 23 is an increasingly international sporting and media event: a generous 13 foreign teams from 10 different countries will attend, out of a total of 29 participating teams. The Italian teams will be selected by the Italian Cycling Federation according to the score acquired between 1st January and 12th May 2019.

The event draws great crowds: more than 100,000 spectators are expected, along with more than 1.5 million expected on-line contacts from all over the world. All the legs of the race will be broadcast on Rai Sport, which will dedicate coverage of the race on a daily basis, and also available in live streaming in 30 countries.

The Kosmo 512 and Ecovip 409 Low-profiles are the ideal travel companion for the race: the strong polyurethaneframe makes them reliable and stable on the go. The generous internal height (213 cm in the Kosmo 512 and 210 cm in the Ecovip 409) allows you to enjoy some rest and relaxation in all the various areas of the motorhome. The large-size garage (218 x 90|120 x 109 cm in the Kosmo, and 217 x 115 x 116|88 in the Ecovip) guarantees maximum stowage space, allowing you to take everything you need along with you, including bicycles!

The 42nd Giro d'Italia Giovani Under 23, which boasts a community of over 1 million contacts, comprises a convoy of a generous 600 people, with the set-up of 20 sponsorvillages at each leg and the securing of about 1200 km to allow the racers to cycle past. Throughout its history, this prestigious young cyclist race has been the launchpad for cyclists the calibre of Moser, Battaglin, Baronchelli, Simoni and Pantani. The race is sponsored by the Minister for sports, UCI (International Cycling Union), CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and FCI (the Italian Cycling Federation).



The new Kosmo F261, an Over-cab which is easy to manoeuvre and compact in size characterized by the trademark double window in the over-cab, is it joining the Kosmo F510 which was launched last January. With a very low price, the Kosmo F261 is a good opportunity for families who want to enter the Laika World.

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On April 7th Laika celebrated its 55th Anniversary in the charming location of Stazione Leopolda in Florence. A beautiful party with the European dealers and the international press to enjoy 55 years of Dolce Vita with Laika family.