The new Kosmo F261, an Over-cab which is easy to manoeuvre and compact in size characterized by the trademark double window in the over-cab, is it joining the Kosmo F510 which was launched last January. With a very low price, the Kosmo F261 is a good opportunity for families who want to enter the Laika World.

On a Fiat Ducato chassis and just 6.59 meters long, the new Kosmo F261 has five berths (the sixth is optional). Despite its small size, that makes it convenient and easy to manoeuvre, a high degree of comfort is guaranteed for the whole family. The large bed in the over-cab (211x159 cm), which can comfortably accommodate two adults or three children, is equipped with reading lights with swivel arm and two USB ports. Ventilation in the over-cab is ensured by the double window and a 40x40 cm skylight. When not in use, the over-cab surface can be raised to facilitate the passage from the cab to the living pod and vice versa. The rear bunk beds are also generously dimensioned: 210x86 cm and 205x82 cm. In addition, each bed has a window and its own reading light.

The living area with traditional dinette and facing seats offers four comfortable dining places as standard. An exclusive customisation (optional) is available to extend the table up to 140 cm and add two extra seats by using collapsible wooden panels provided with seating cushion. In this way, up to six people can enjoy lunch together. Furthermore, a special kit (optional) can be used to transform the dinette into a 170x100 cm bed, bringing the total number of beds to five.

The large kitchen with three-burner cooktop is provided with an extra collapsible worktop for cooking at ease. It also fits a 113-litre fridge as standard equipment and a 167-litre fridge can be chosen as optional.

As for the rest of the Kosmo range, the designer interiors have a modern look with "Tuscan Pear" wood with chocolate-colour metallised profiles. The table and kitchen surfaces are made of stylish bronze-colour laminated material, that with its "stone effect" adds character and elegance to the living area. The doors of the wall cabinets with their wavy design are provided with real metal handles, an exclusive Laika design.

Lighting is high quality, with indirect light on the cabinets which creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The large cabinets and capacious wardrobe mean you can take everything you want with you on the road. Moreover, the large garage can carry bicycles or a moped (when the bed base of the lower bunk is raised). Its measurements are 218 x 130 max | 51 min x 91 cm.

The entry door into the living pod is no less than 70 cm wide and includes double lock, window, chrome handle and soft touch finish, basket and screen. Furthermore, the inside step facilitates getting in and out from the living pod.

The body structure is well insulated using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) as insulating material and fibreglass roof and subfloor. The high-quality windows are both elegant and functional.


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