Kosmo, adventure starts here

The brand-new Kosmo range showcases the trademark quality and style of Laika in a dynamic vehicle designed to be ready for your next adventure.

Kosmo range is presented in four different layouts: Kosmo 209, 212, 509 and 512, all on Fiat Ducato 35 Light chassis, and two lengths – 6.95 metres for the 209 and the 212, and 7.41 metres for the 509 and the 512. Kosmo is the perfect blend of functionality, dynamic performance and superior quality.

The Kosmo range is designed for families and couples in search of a practical and versatile vehicle to follow their great interests in total freedom. Packed with details, it is a functional and dynamic camper van, ideal for open-air lifestyle enthusiasts and for everyone who wants to enjoy their holidays in a new way. Kosmo embodies all the most resounding values of the brand -spirit of adventure, premium quality and projection into the future. With Kosmo, the future meets tradition. A homage to the origins of the brands and to the space-age dreams of founder Giambattista Moscardini, who named the company after the dog that pioneered space travel. New vehicles for new travellers... Let the adventure begin!

The modern look of Kosmo expresses the best Italian style of Laika, with its distinctive exterior graphics, signature rear end, dynamic interiors and premium materials.

The large living area with a remarkable interior height of 213 centimetres offers very comfortable seating, courtesy of a dinette with adjustable head rests (not present on Kosmo 512). The table top in elegant shades of chocolate picks up the colour of the finish running under the overhead lockers. The 70x50 cm skylight over the living area is standard and guarantees excellent natural lighting to be able to enjoy your camper van everywhere. Many customisation possibilities are offered, including the genuine leather “Vip Club” accessories and upholstery. The upholstery fabric palette features the light tones of “Pavia” (standard), “Alba” and “Radda”, or the eco-leather variants “Garda and “Firenze”. The bright “Azzurro Elba” and “Sole di Sicilia” schemes can be picked for cushions.

Lighting uses LEDs throughout and is designed to be functional for the everyday needs of holidaymakers on the road. Elegant and bright lines draw the harmonious contours of the interiors guaranteeing even and well-distributed lighting over and under the overhead lockers and under the cooktop. Natural lighting is secured by four standard windows in the kitchen, living area, night area and toilet cubicle (the latter optional). The standard windows are of high quality with blackout blinds and flyscreens.

The kitchen worktop is superior, in shades of chocolate and hazelnut brown. The cooktop features three hobs. A large sink means you can cook with ease and make the most of the drawers provided for storing pots, pans and utensils. A handy sliding top makes using the kitchen even more pleasurable (not present on Kosmo 512). Lighting is guaranteed by a window and LEDs over and under the cooktop. The cool metallic backsplash conveys a modern brushed silver effect and blends perfectly with the crisp white furnishings.

The night area with wooden slat beds and very high-quality mattresses is designed for restful sleeping. Twin beds in Kosmo 509 are 207x80 cm (right bed) and 200x80 cm (left bed) long to accommodate even taller people comfortably. Despite its more compact size, Kosmo 209 ensures top-level comfort in the night area with 201x80 cm (right) and 186x80 cm (left) long twin beds. Kosmo 512 and Kosmo 212 instead have a large standalone double bed. It is 190x148 cm long and still leaves room to move about the night area. All models come packed with plenty of storage, courtesy of many lockers and two large wardrobes under the beds with lights that switch on automatically when the doors are opened.

The toilet cubicle on all four models has a towel rail, customised Laika coat hooks and many handy closed compartments to store everything you need. The shower with soap holder and siphon has a window on the ceiling and LED lights to make it bright at any time of the day or night. The coat hook and wooden floor (the latter included in the Kosmo Pack) complete the shower area comfort. The toilet and shower cubicles can be joined by positioning their respective doors to close off the night area and the living areas.

Kosmo is also suited for cold weather and winterised by using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), water heating throughout the camper and heated floor (the latter two optional). The insulated greywater tank (included in Kosmo Pack) is protected from the cold. Furthermore, fibreglass lining is provided on the outside of roof and under the floor.

In the driving cab, on all four models, the sunroof (standard) and the plush Captain Chairs (also standard) secure comfortable driving in the best Laika style. The living pod door is 70 centimetres wide to get in and out easily and has two locks for extra safety. The screen door with flyscreen and fixed window make it even more practical and functional. Finally, centralised locking function of the cab and living pod door make locking and unlocking all doors quick and easy.

The Kosmo range has plenty of storage with drawers, wardrobes and hatches to take everything you need with you on the road. A generous garage can even be used to transport a moped. It is fitted with power sockets, light fixtures and Easy Locks to close the door simply by pushing.


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