Ecovip 680

New solutions to enjoy the Dolce Vita. The goal of Laika is to find new solutions so that even the pickiest customers can enjoy a holiday in the best Dolce Vita style.

The goal of Laika is to find new solutions so that even the pickiest customers can enjoy a holiday in the best Dolce Vita style. The new Ecovip 680, on Fiat Ducato 130 HP chassis, is the result of the continual Laika research – a brand-new layout with redesigned interior spaces under the sign of quality and Italian design.

In just 6.99 metres of length, Ecovip 680 offers large interior spaces to enjoy the camper experience in total freedom. The spacious living area, designed for longer vehicles use, provides plenty of room for moving freely about the vehicle, also as a result of the stepless floor all on one level. The living area table can be removed (optional) and stowed away in a special unit. In this way, you can have even more room when the table is not needed. Furthermore, the dinette can be turned into a 190x115 cm bed (optional) to increase number of available sleeping arrangements.

Surprisingly, the large living area does not mean there is no storage. The Ecovip 680 has a generous moped garage up to 217x120x103 cm large with doors on both sides. These two features are not commonly both found on the same vehicle! Plenty of storage also inside the vehicle, with two wardrobes, one of which particularly ample, and maxi-size lockers. The double floor, with interior height of up to 22 cm, can be exploited for storing skis, surfboards or other leisure activity equipment.

The “Gran Chef” kitchen with three hobs (standard) is large and remarkably well-equipped, coming with no fewer than two standard ovens, gas and microwaves, extractable bin and plenty of drawers. The worktop is large and offers lots of room to move about and cook at ease. The 160 litre refrigerator (standard) with automatic power source selection means you can store all the supplies you need for your trip and also exploit the storage compartment conveniently arranged over it.

The toilet cubicle with optional window is furnished with handy unit with mirror and drawers to stow everything you need. The maxi-volume shower cubicle ensures comfort and ease of movement.

Laika continues its innovation by reinventing spaces and suggesting new solutions, while remaining true to the signature style and quality of the brand.


  • Fiat Ducato 35 Light 130 HP chassis
  • Exterior length 699 cm
  • Interior height 205 cm
  • 4-seater
  • Removable table (optional)
  • Moped garage with doors on both sides
  • Twin standard oven – gas and microwave
  • Large toilet and maxi-size shower cubicle


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