In-House Events

Below you can find a list of the in-house events of Laika dealers.

Kroken CaravanFamiliday09/02/2019
Kroken CaravanAuction on groceries23/03/2019

Laika life


Il 7 aprile Laika ha festeggiato i suoi 55 anni nell'affascinante location della Leopolda a Firenze. Una grande festa con i concessionari e la stampa per celebrare 55 anni di Dolce Vita con la famiglia Laika.


Kosmo 909 and 912 motorhomes

After the low-profile and Over-cab versions, Laika is completing the Kosmo range introducing the Kosmo motorhome to offer an excellent opportunity to approach the Laika motorhome world at an affordable price to the fans of the brand.


Ecovip profilato 310 Anniversary 55°

It was 55 years ago when Giambattista Moscardini created one of the brands most loved by motorhome enthusiasts back in 1964. Laika will be celebrating this important milestone with the Ecovip 310 55th Anniversary.