All Laika vehicles produced from the 2020 season, including campervans, are guaranteed waterproof for 10 years without surcharge.

The warranty is valid on condition that the vehicle be subjected annually to necessary checks at the seller dealership or at any authorised Laika workshop, starting one year from the date of first registration. Annual checks are for a fee. Checks must be carried out in the period between two months before and up to two months after the date (day/month) of the first registration. Example: if the vehicle was registered for the first time on 10 September, the annual water resistance check must be carried out within the period from 10 July to 10 November of each year in which the warranty is valid.

The warranty servicing slips comply with predetermined intervals and allow, with a minimum cost, for constant monitoring of vehicle conditions.

1st warranty service within 12 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
2nd warranty service within 24 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
3rd warranty service within 36 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
4th warranty service within 48 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
5th warranty service within 60 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
6th warranty service within 72 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
7th warranty service within 84 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
8th warranty service within 96 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
9th warranty service within 108 months from registration (+/- 2 months)
10th warranty service within 120 months from registration (+/- 2 months)

Servicing carried out at workshops that are not part of the Laika service network will not be considered valid. The warranty service slip will be valid only if two stickers are affixed in the space provided inside the Laika warranty booklet. If the water resistance warranty is revoked due to failure to perform servicing or because servicing is performed outside of the provided timeframe, the warranty cannot be re-activated, even if the incomplete servicing is performed subsequently.


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