Kosmo 909 and 912 motorhomes

After the low-profile and Over-cab versions, Laika is completing the Kosmo range introducing the Kosmo motorhome to offer an excellent opportunity to approach the Laika motorhome world at an affordable price to the fans of the brand.

The new Kosmo 909 and 912, on Fiat Ducato chassis, are both 7.41 metres long and have four berths (with the possibility of an optional fifth berth on the 909). The elegant front end and aerodynamic line characterize the new motorhomes, also available next-generation LED headlights (optional).

The Kosmo 909 with traditional L-shaped dinette, sleeping area with two large and comfortable twin beds, measuring 207 x 80 cm (right bed) and 200 x 80 cm (left bed) and two handy USB ports.

A special kit to transform the dinette into a 200x115 cm bed is additionally available as an option for customers who want a fifth berth.

The Kosmo 912, on the other hand, has a dinette with facing sofas conveying a special feeling of spaciousness and comfort. The comfortable central rear bed is 148 cm wide, manually adjustable in height (standard feature) and provided with two USB ports.

Both models are equipped with a 196x150 cm pull-down bed with wooden slats, skylight and two reading lights with two USB ports.

In the best "Dolce Vita"-inspired Laika tradition, interior design is complemented by the use of innovative materials and elegant combinations, such as the bronze-colour "stone effect" laminated table and the kitchen top, which perfectly blends with the chocolate and cream shades of the aluminium profiles and cabinets. The latter have real metal handles with exclusive Laika design. The glossy white designer kitchen with contrasting dark bronze kitchen worktop is practical and handy with a three-burner cooktop and 140 litre fridge. The special brushed silver-effect laminate panel around the window conveys a modern and elegant look to the kitchen.

The interior height of 213 cm not only ensures comfort and airiness, but also excellent stowage capacity courtesy of larger size wall cabinets and capacious wardrobes. Additionally, the warm and relaxing atmosphere is guaranteed by indirect lighting on the cabinets.

On Kosmo motorhomes, like on the rest of the Kosmo range, the entrance door to the living pod is very wide (70 cm) and the entrance area is provided with an inside step to facilitate getting in and out. The door, an exclusive Laika design, includes double lock, window, chrome handle with soft touch finish, basket and screen door. Windows with aluminium frame flush with the body, a feature also present on low-profile and Over-cab models of the Kosmo range, make the vehicles even more elegant.

The large-size garage can accommodate bicycles or a moped (for Kosmo 912, this is possible by arranging the rear bed is in the upper position), with maximum dimensions 218 x 120 (121 on Kosmo 909) x 109 cm. Moreover, on both models the garage is provided with doors on both the left and the right side, with dimensions 93x115 cm.

The new Kosmo motorhome have aluminium covers and are also suited for cold climates having a high-insulation body structure, using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and fibreglass coating on the roof, with hail protection function, and under the floor, for a perfect protection from moisture. Additionally, these vehicles are available with optional water heating, partial underfloor electric heating and grey water tank insulation and heating.



  • Exterior length 7.41 m
  • Interior height 213 cm
  • L-shaped dinette
  • 4 berths (fifth berth optional)
  • 4 standard beds (fifth optional)
  • Twin beds 207x80 cm (right bed) and 200x80 cm (left bed)
  • Bathroom window (optional)
  • Large garage dimensions 218 x 121 x 109 cm
  • Insulated bodyshell structure



  • Interior height 213 cm
  • Dinette with facing sofas
  • Approved capacity 4 (standard)
  • 4-berth as standard
  • Manually height-adjustable rear central bed 190 x 148 cm
  • Bathroom window (optional)
  • Large garage maximum dimensions 218x120 (height) x 109 (width)
  • Insulated bodyshell structure



The new Kosmo 509L, built on a Fiat Ducato 35 Light chassis and with a length of 7.41 m, expands the offering of Kosmo low-profile Fiat chassis models, complementing the 509, 512, 209 and 212 models. The model is specially designed for two-person trips with uncompromised comfort guaranteed.



Laika presents the new Kosmo Van, series which, following on from our low-profile, motorhome, coachbuilt and camper van models, rounds out our offering in the Kosmo range.



From July 8 to 19, a Laika Kosmo 512 turns into the "Motorhome of the Arts" to put culture on the road with ten itinerant lessons open to everyone in the squares of Florence and outside the city. The protagonist of the evenings will be the celebrated Tuscan genius Leonardo Da Vinci, in the 500th anniversary of his death.