The new Kosmo 509L, built on a Fiat Ducato 35 Light chassis and with a length of 7.41 m, expands the offering of Kosmo low-profile Fiat chassis models, complementing the 509, 512, 209 and 212 models. The model is specially designed for two-person trips with uncompromised comfort guaranteed.

The layout features twin beds at the rear and, in the day area, face to face sofas. Thanks to this layout, the living area is extremely spacious, well-ventilated and elegant. Furthermore, the opposing sofas can be transformed into driving seats when needed, one on the left and one on the right.

The designer kitchen is equipped with a three hob cooktop and a large sink so that you can cook just as if you were at home, and also features capacious drawers for pots and cookware.

The night area has been designed for comfort, with wooden slat beds and high quality mattresses. The two twin beds are sized to hold even the tallest occupant without sacrificing comfort, measuring 205x80 cm (right bed) and 210x80 cm (left bed).

The sleeping area is equipped with numerous wall units and wardrobes under the beds themselves, with automatic lighting which turns on when they are opened, for ample storage capacity.


  • Chassis Fiat Ducato 35 Light
  • “Face to face” living area
  • External length 741 cm
  • Internal height 213 cm
  • XXL living space door, 70 cm width
  • Twin beds 205x80 cm (right bed) and 210x80 cm (left bed)


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