Speciale sistema di fissaggio interno del mobilio per un assemblaggio stabile e sicuro

Comfort is everywhere

The domestic style water system is frost-proof, which makes the motorhome perfect and for Winter travel

Il riscaldamento termo tech dei camper Laika

Heating has never been so simple

The excellent performance of the standard water heating is further enhanced by the structure of the Laika system (radiators in double flooring, in garage and in junction between cab and living space)

Il doppio pavimento isola al meglio dalle temperature esterne

Every space is optimised as much as possible

The compartment between the two floors has a height of up to 30 cm for loading bulky objects and insulating against outside temperatures

Ancora più spazio di stivaggio grazie ai capienti armadi sotto al letto

It’s easy to be comfortable

The wardrobes under the two beds (Kreos 5009) can be accessed both from above and from the two front doors

Una cucina ancora più grande per cucinare in totale comodità

The kitchen of your dreams

The large worktop, two sinks, tec-tower oven and appliance holder (opt.) built into the wall unit enable you to cook even the most complicated recipes

Vano garage ancora più ampio e capiente

Comfort is in every corner

The garage compartment is even more spacious and resistant. The equipment is completed by two doors as standard, two light sources, a 12V/230V socket, TV socket and a clothes rail

Impianto idrico con posizione antigelo per viaggi a basse temperature

Living up to low temperatures

Even in the most “sensitive” spots, such as domes and cab/living space junction, Laika guarantees maximum insulation thanks to suitable coverings and the routing of the warm area pipes

I camper Laika garantiscono il massimo isolamento grazie alla sigillatura perfetta

A protection resistant to the coldest temperatures

The thickness of the floor, walls and roof and the insulation material type and density make all Laika vehicles particularly suitable for winter use (cold chamber testing with temperatures as low as -20°).

Pavimento funzionale senza scalini

Comfort in your hands

Board control panel, digital, with LED Indicators

Waterproofing guaranteed for 10 years

Models Kreos Low-profiles 5000


Camper Kreos 5009: pianta zona giornoCamper Kreos 5009: pianta zona notte
  • Length [cm]769
  • Width [cm]230
  • Height [cm]303
  • Fiat Ducato 43 Heavy AL-KO
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.287

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Camper Kreos 5010: pianta giornoCamper Kreos 5010: pianta zona notte
  • Length [cm]769
  • Width [cm]230
  • Height [cm]303
  • Fiat Ducato 43 Heavy AL-KO
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.287

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