Ambiente spazioso e funzionale per il massimo comfort

Interiors living up to your needs

Ecovip Low-Profiles are also dedicated to the tallest: the internal height is 210 cm

Tanti optional Laika e possibilità di personalizzazione

Beauty will protect you

As well as being attractive, the padded ceiling is highly practical thanks to its insulating effect

Riscaldamento di tipo domestico con posizione antigelo

Comfort of the highest standard

No risk of tripping: the living area floor is on a single level, without steps

Soffitto imbottito

The space of your dreams

There’s a useful height of 195 cm under the optional foldaway bed, to ensure perfect liveability

Fissaggio interno del mobilio con perni a incastro

A 100% personal space

The entire interior space is designed to make the most of the liveability and storage of the Ecovip Low-Profiles thanks to the wall units up to 54 cm high and 40 cm deep and to the table that can be positioned as wished, to have more space in the living area

The smart light

Indirect light above and beneath the wall units, flush with the wall, on the floor and under the kitchen top, ensures even, effective lighting, making Ecovip Low- Profiles particularly comfortable, any time of day. LED type, so as to keep power consumption low and yield high

Living up to low temperatures

The water system is domestic-style and in a frost-proof position, which all allows problem-free low-temperature travel

The perfect temperature in any environment

Thanks to the thermal trims and the passage of hot air pipes, Laika guarantees maximum insulation even in the most “sensitive” points, such as domes, attics and cab/living space connections

Hot-dip galvanised counter-frame

The presence of this counter-frame increases the sturdiness and hold between chassis and living space (not for Ecovip 112).

Waterproofing guaranteed for 10 years

Models Ecovip Low-profiles 100


Camper Ecovip 112: pianta zona giornoCamper Ecovip 112: pianta zona notte
  • Length [cm]659
  • Width [cm]230
  • Height [cm]280
  • Fiat Ducato 35 Light
  • Engine displacement [cc]2.287

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