„Wildes Europa – 6 Monate zwischen Ostsee und Baskenland“ Live-Reportage im Erwin Hymer Museum


Kosmo camper van – Laika's take on vans

After many years, Laika is offering two vans in the range specifically with younger customers and recreational vehicle newbies in mind.


Kosmo 2009 – A welcome return

The Kosmo 2009 marks the return of Mercedes to the Laika collection. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI chassis with rear-wheel drive and a total length of 699 cm, the Kosmo 2009 pairs the proverbial Laika style with the power of Mercedes technology.


Kosmo F510 –The Laika coachbuilt for the whole family

The Kosmo F510, where "F" stands for "Family", is the expression of the Laika time-honoured dedication to family holidays.