Information regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) | 06/04/2020

  • What measures has Laika undertaken to face the emergency from Covid-19 currently underway?

    We implement a wide range of operational measures to ensure that our employees and their families enjoy the highest level of protection – their health and well-being is our highest priority. The production of vehicles in Laika has been going on since Tuesday 10th March according to a two-shift system with strict hygiene and distance standards.

  • Is the factory working regularly or is it closed?

    Our production plant in Tuscany is not located in one of the areas at greatest risk, nor have we registered any cases of Corona infection in Laika so far. However, due to the critical supply situation, we have decided to stop our production from Friday 20th March until Monday 13th April.

  • Will the delivery of my Laika motorhome be delayed?

    The transport of vehicles to other European countries is limited, but still possible. However, we cannot exclude possible delays in the delivery of your order. This is a cause of "force majeure" due to an event that we cannot avoid and as a result of regional administrative regulations and warnings. Therefore, we can no longer promise binding delivery dates until further notice. We will do everything we can to avoid any possible delivery delay. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealers for information regarding the status of your delivery.

  • Is there a danger of exposure to contagion through vehicles?

    Experts consider the transfer of Coronavirus via goods to be extremely unlikely. The virus has relatively low "environmental stability". Nevertheless, we are not taking any risks – all vehicles are cleaned before shipping.