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Laika designs and builds prestigious motorhomes with the aim of offering its customers functionality, innovation, Italian design and a professional, specialist After-Sales Service.
Customer satisfaction is Laika’s main goal. Thanks to its team with extensive competence and experience, it creates vehicles made with attention to detail and construction techniques that make Laika vehicles suitable for all climates. The customer stays at the centre of attention after the sale as well; Laika spare parts can still be obtained many years later. Choosing a Laika doesn’t “just” mean choosing a quality vehicle: choosing Laika means identifying yourself with a unique and special way of being which has people at the centre.

Laika embodies the culture of the Dolce Vita because it offers its customers a unique experience of travel in an environment rich in design, elegance, comfort and ergonomics.

Laika's story began in 1964, the year the company was first established. These are the years when man conquers space and of ventures into a discovery of the unknown. The Company's founder, Giovambattista Moscardini, is fascinated by these adventures that can open new horizons.

That's why the Company is given the name of the first dog launched into space and a red greyhound with wings is chosen as its logo.

1964 was also the year of the first model of caravans, and since then we have come a long way...

Il primo caravan Laika: roulotte Laika 500

1964 - Laika 500

The first Laika trailer: its size is so small that it can be towed by a Fiat 500.

Laika Motorpolo: qualità e design degli anni Settanta

1977 - Motorpolo

The MOTORPOLO series is introduced on the market, and the name LAIKA becomes synonymous with high quality vehicles and design.

La serie Laserhome degli anni Ottanta

1980 - Laserhome

The LASERHOME series is introduced on the market. Laika takes its first steps outside Italy.

Il primo motorhome Laika: Mito

1991 - MITO

Production of the first Laika super-sized motor-home, the MITO series.

Il primo camper della serie Ecovip

1992 - Ecovip

The ECOVIP series is introduced on the market, coach-built with two windows in the front of the coach, a signature trademark of Laika.

Nasce la serie di camper Kreos

1999 - Kreos

Laika launches the KREOS series, with its futuristic design and curved walls, emphasising once again the search for new designer solutions, technologies and materials.

Anni Duemila: Motorhome Ecovip

2002 - Motorhome Ecovip

The new MOTORHOME ECOVIP are introduced on the market, with their rounded and impressive shapes.

La serie X

2005 - Serie X

Always mindful of the market's deman, but especially of the needs of a growing customer-base, Laika develops the X series, with its stark interior and exterior design, of young and fresh inspiration.

Motorhome Rexosline

2006 - Motorhome Rexosline

Laika introduces Rexosline, with the exclusive style of the body clearly inspired by the world of cars, two fibreglass cabin doors, low height and a perfectly aerodynamic line.

Il camper mansardato Kreos 5001SL

2009 - Kreos 5001SL

Laika introduces KROES 5001SL on the market, the super-high coachbuilt camper of its range.

I camper profilati Kreos 5000

2010 - Kreos 5000

With the profiles of the KREOS 5000 series, LAIKA further strengthens its status as leading manufacturer of top-range vehicles.

I motorhome Kreos

Motorhome Kreos

Laika launches the full KREOS, top-range vehicles with elegant interiors, Italian design and the highest standard of construction.

La Dolce Vita dei Rexosline 9009

2012 - Rexosline 9009

The ultimate expression of LA DOLCE VITA, because it witnesses to the values of the LAIKA brand: Italian Design, innovative solutions and valuable materials.

Il nuovo stabilimento di San Casciano

2016 - Transfer to the new factory in San Casciano

In February 2016 the company moved to its new headquarters in San Casciano in Val di Pesa. The factory is considered among the most advanced in Europe for this sector, and features the most modern construction technologies.

I camper di lusso della serie Kreos 8009

2017 - Kreos 8009

The luxurious Kreos 8009 is the spearhead of a collection that represents the values ​​of the brand: tradition, Italian design and high construction technique.

2018 - Kreos 8012

The new Kreos 8012 has been added to luxury range of Kreos motorhomes.

2018 - Ecovip 680

The new Ecovip 680 is the result of the continual Laika research – a brand-new layout with redesigned interior spaces under the sign of quality and Italian design.

2018 - Kosmo Range

The new Kosmo range is born, dedicated to families and couples looking for a practical and versatile vehicle to live their passions in freedom.

2019 - Kosmo Camper Vans

The Kosmo family is expanding: LAIKA launches the Kosmo 5.4 and 6.0 camper vans, which combine LAIKA style and design with the dynamism of the vans.

2019 – Kosmo F510

LAIKA strengthens the Kosmo range with the new Kosmo F510, where F stands for "Family". With its unmistakable double window in the overcab area, this vehicle expresses LAIKA's historic vocation for family holidays.

2019 – Kosmo 2009

The Kosmo 2009 marks the return of Mercedes to the LAIKA collection. The power of Mercedes technology meets LAIKA style and elegance.

2019 - Kosmo Van

The new series Kosmo Van is designed to satisfy the demand for a compact vehicle which is agile and not too long, without compromising the comfort of a low-profile model.

2020 – M Edition

The new M edition low-profile model combines the Mercedes driving experience with Laika expertise in the field of interior design and material research.