It is a quarter of a century since the Ecovip series was born, a range destined to become a key player in the European leisure vehicle industry.
From that very first coachbuilt model in 1992, with its double windows at the front – still a distinctive characteristic of Laika today on the Ecovip 2 – it has come a very long way. The constant pursuit of technical excellence, innovative design and attention to detail have ensured that the Ecovip range continues to grow and evolve, whilst always maintaining that unique personality which distinguishes it and has made it such a success. What better way to celebrate this milestone than a modern-day restyling, combining 25 years of tradition with cutting-edge innovation?
There’s a wealth of new content for the Ecovip series 300/400/600/700 and Ecovip 2, with both exterior and interior restyling: a modern look, innovative concepts and brand-new materials, for a historic range with consolidated prestige.
Revamped interiors, with a new design and new materials, for an elegant, comfortable atmosphere with unmistakable personality. The introduction of new Noce Italiano wood (standard), with its shades of amber, lends the environment a warm, welcoming atmosphere, in which style and comfort fuse to lend further prestige to the range.
The standard fabric also sees a change: the Noce Toscano will be accompanied by the delicate beige shades of the “Pisa” microfibre upholstery.
The line of the living area is updated too: a new geometrically inspired design gives the lounge a modern, harmonious look, with the striking octagonal table and elegantly squared lines of the cushions.
On Ecovip motorhomes, the elegant dashboard enhanced by quality materials lends the vehicle a typically automotive style, for travelling in the utmost comfort even when you’re behind the wheel. The entrance to the living space has been updated too, thanks to an elegant illuminated internal step.
In addition to the new materials and lines, the interiors have become more exclusive through the innovative concept of light design, which thanks to the many indirect light sources creates a special, relaxing and cosy atmosphere. The indirect light above and beneath the wall units, flush with the wall, on the floor and under the kitchen top, ensure effective, even lighting, providing great comfort on the new Ecovip range also in the evening, for reading a book, looking at the next day’s route or cooking. The tone of the all-LED lighting has also been changed, to ensure warmer colour, which doesn’t tire eyes but creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.
The exterior restyling starts from the Laika logo, now over the windscreen on all vehicles. An important change on the low-profiles in particular, with a perfected dome, now in fibreglass and with a slight squared, geometric-flavoured, design, which is also taken up inside the vehicle, in the shape of the table and cushions. Again on the low-profiles, there’s now the possibility of customising the driving cab, by selecting the silver option.
Finally, new external graphics on the whole range with lines marked by essential elegance, in the utmost Laika style, and Seitz S4 Deluxe version windows on all models.



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